Rise Above!

Regain Vitality & Serenity! Physical, Mental & Emotional

Welcome - We're here to help!

We invite you into our clinic with open hearts and gratitude for allowing us to be facilitators in your quest for optimum holistic health.  We are committed to honoring you as an individual, while providing high quality services in alternative and complimentary health care! We strive to find the best modalities for you in your quest for optimal health on all levels!

Are you experiencing or need help with the following:

Pain - structural, muscle, joint                                                                              Mental/emotional problems - stress, anxiety, overwhelm, post trauma

Allergies - food, pollen, breathing difficulty                                      Emotional wounds - from childhood, trauma's, relationship issues

Brain Dysfunction - distraction, imbalances                                              Illness - Candida (yeast) , auto-immune disorders, blood sugar issues

Detox issues - environmental, heavy metal, chemical                     Weight balance - due to hormones, toxicity, acidity, metabolism                                                                          

                                                                  Symptoms of disease or other conditions - tumorous growths, fatigue and more 

Alternative  Wellness Center   is committed to the best in alternative medicine and complementary  healthcare. We are always busy finding and establishing just the right  modalities to help you in your quest for better health and an optimal life.   We are a family-owned and operated alternative health & healing clinic. In our Albuquerque,  NM Wellness Center, we have been providing quality alternative  healthcare services and remedies since  1996. Our practitioners have years of experience helping their clients to regain their optimal health. Our courteous staff will assist you in purchasing  supplements, scheduling appointments, and  anything else you may need. We  have many incredible services and products to  offer you.

Alternative Wellness Center Mission Statement::                                                                     

Our Mission is to bring awareness, education, tools and resources to all of humanity to raise their consciousness and bring new and positive changes to their lives.
 It is our goal to provide the means of assisting each individual we serve to "rise above" any difficulties, with their health or in their life, and to help them connect to their higher authentic self for full and complete healing.
We educate our clients and empower them to be in control of their own health. We provide the very best of services, supplements and care for healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
We have made a commitment to our clients to maintain our high mastery of alternative care and to be innovative in seeking out new methods for optimal health.
With the very best interests of our clients at heart, it is our sincere desire to be compassionate and respectful of all who enter our clinic and to honor their individual beliefs.
We strive in every way to improve the overall health and lifestyle of people just like you and will always continue to do so!