Learn How to Prevent Ill Health with Informed Self-Care

By Janet L. Hall, MA, Naturopathy, CKP, CBT

Are you trying to do things well for your body by eating right, exercising, getting adequate sleep, avoiding things you know are bad for your body? And, it’s still not enough to prevent nagging symptoms?

Get empowered with education on natural solutions you can use at home! (See the Community Event section of this magazine for information about our FREE class on Natural Solutions and home remedies that help prevent ill health).

Your body is easily imbalanced with the myriads of energetics, chemicals, food additives and the like. In our society, we are heavily exposed every day. There are natural ways to get balanced again! Essential oils are powerful natural remedies (that when used with even a beginner’s knowledge base) can be amazing aids to your body.

First, your body needs Vitamins and Minerals that are so lacking in the Standard AmericanDiet (SAD for short, and how sad it truly is!) Minerals aid every single process and function in your body, as it does not produce them on its own… your body must acquire them through your diet or supplementation. Minerals and vitamins prevent disease, stimulate the immune system, activate enzymes, help balance body fluids, assist with blood, bones and nerves. Vitamins such as A, D, E and K also fight disease, help combat leaky gut and overgrowth of yeast, invasive viruses and bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.

Fish oil prevents inflammation. Add a liver methylating supplement that helps keep liver pathways open for daily detoxification and cellular vitality. All these together produce a strong foundation! However, these base products only work if your cells are healthy enough to absorb them. I see people every day who are ingesting Vitamins & Minerals their bodies cannot absorb (wasting money and creating a false sense of nutritional security!) Essential oils in our products go directly through the cell wall providing immediate nutrition to your body!

Through reference books and phone apps, you can look up a symptom, watch a short video and apply a natural solution. If you are wanting to be even more empowered to take care of your family and yourself, be sure to attend our free classes. You’ll receive a FREE 3-minute bio-scan which shows your body’s current imbalances and recommended remedies. When you attend our FREE classes, purchasing remedies at wholesale, we will also meet with you once a month for a FREE Consult to help educate you about your health.

Of course, in some cases, we must see a you for an in-depth Kinesiology session if you have a long-standing, chronic illness or dis-ease, but you can be taught to maintain your health afterward through our program.