Having Skin Issues?..Let's clear them up for the new year!

Having Skin Issues? Let’s clear them up for the New Year!
By Janet L. Hall, MA, Naturopathy, CKP, CBT
Here’s what one teenager had to say about her severe case of eczema:
“In 7th grade, I only had eczema inside my elbows, but by the time I got to be a sophomore in high school and had bleached my hair for my birthday it got so much worse! I had it on my neck, back, hands and all up my arms. Even a little on my face too. It was very embarrassing for me to deal with! I couldn’t take my jacket off, wore long sleeves all summer, and couldn’t be in the sun. The heat inflamed it and made it hurt more. I had to really search for foods I could eat, because certain foods made it worse too.”

Even though she held back the tears, I could also see the depression she was experiencing. She should’ve been enjoying her teenage years. but instead she felt like hiding. With Genetics and Methylation, within just two weeks, this young girl’s skin was already clearing up nicely. Later on, she was able to eat dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar and anything she wanted for the first time in many years!

I love being able to clear up skin issues for so many people suffering with eczema, environmental allergies, rashes, shingles and more! Skin issues can not only be itchy, inflamed, red, swollen and uncomfortable, but also a hit to one’s self esteem. You don’t have to suffer any more!
Some of my clients couldn’t even close their hands, as their skin was so bloated, inflamed and dry, it cracked and tore, making any use of their hands excruciatingly painful.
Once the cause of the skin issue is determined by testing, we know exactly what to do. It can be chemicals, heavy metals, yeast, fungus, parasites, the nervous system, allergy, auto-immune or something else is revealed. Why guess anymore? Let’s get your body tested for the correct remedy based on the cause, not just a band-aid for symptoms!There are remedies to rid the body of chemicals and metals, yeast and parasites, nourish the nervous system and skin, correct autoimmune and offset an allergic reaction. We’d love to get started helping you today!