Essential Oils

Change your life -

You can live the Wellness Lifestyle!

I've learned firsthand by personal and clinic use just how amazing essential oils are for physical, mental and emotional heath and well-being!  I used some essential oils for years and they were somewhat effective, but I was not aware of just how powerful, fast and effective therapeutic grade oils are.  It is all I will use from here forward!

I stumbled upon this knowledge through a new Practitioner I had hired.  A young 12 yr. old came in my clinic who was very sick.  He was crying.  He had 104 fever, runny nose, cough and sore throat.  As he entered my exam room she whispered to me "you could cut that fever in just 3-4 minutes."  I looked at her bewildered as she pointed to her essential oil kit.  She asked the young boy if she could give him something that wouldn't taste good, but would break his fever quickly.  He replied "I'm so sick...I'll do anything!"  I watched as she added a few oils to water and had him drink it.   In about 4 minutes he broke out in a sweat and his fever ended.  I was astonished and was determined to learn more about these incredible oils.

Later that day I had a few more clients to see but had a terrific headache.  She said to me "you could get rid of that headache in just a minute or two."  Again she pulled out an oil and told me to roll it over my forehead, back of neck and apply to my temples.  As we talked for a moment,  my headache began to numb.  She had me apply the oil one more time and it was literally gone.  That is the power of true therapeutic grade essential oils!

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