Healing Starts Here!

We have helped thousands of people, just like you, to heal for over twenty years with astounding results and optimal health. Please visit our website and read testimonials from our healed and happy clients!

Naturopathy/Kinesiology: Naturopathy services, using the “master technique” for testing to establish the root cause of your issues and determine the most powerful therapeutic plan including treatments, foods and supplements for complete healing.


Genetics & Methylation: Cutting-edge prevention of genetic miasms that create disease using methylation and genetic strategies. Most genetic programs last up to 4 months.


BiofeedbackBiofeedback: Evaluates all body systems and functions. Performs corrections on your body for imbalances through electronic frequency; creates a customized tincture and bracelet. Can’t find what you’re looking for to correct your symptoms? We make tinctures according to your specific needs!

Life CoachingLife Coaching/Change & Empowerment: Fast, effective, permanent change for depression, addiction, health issues and more! Change any part of your life or future through these compelling integrative techniques. Live the empowered life of your dreams through encoding, direction and life-guidance techniques!

Breakthrough Longevity & Anti-Aging: The most innovative longevity and anti-aging products and services–lengthen life span and regain youthful vigor and appearance!

Energy Healing: Professional emotional screening and Manifestation Techniques used to resolve the deepest of all health and life issues.

Laser ApplicationCold, Soft Laser Treatments: Carries ATP directly into your cells for amazingly fast healing of all acute and chronic health conditions. Applies treatment directly into areas of pain, wounds, inflammation, sprains and more.

Foot DetoxDetox Foot Baths/Infra-red Sauna: Assist your body’s ability to function properly with ion detoxification treatments. You’ll be astounded at what you see in the water in just minutes!
Burn 600+ calories in just one session in our infra-red sauna!

Emotional Transformation: Recover from eating disorders, grief, repressed issues and more with NLP, Kinesiology and emotional core work to experience the body and health you want.

Ozone MachineOxygen/Ozone Treatments: Damaged cells and pathogens cannot live in the presence of oxygen/ozone. These European treatments are powerful! Great for yeast and parasites too.

Nutritional Programs/Weight Loss/Fitness: Professional assistance for optimal fitness and
high performance. Complete food/allergy testing and evaluation (without needles), dietary food programs, fitness education and athlete performance testing.

COMPLETE LINE OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS AND MORE: Vast array of herbs, homeopathics, essential oils, vitamins/minerals, doctor-formulated supplements, salves and
non-alcoholic tinctures (great for elderly, children and pets)!

Janet L. Hall has a Master’s degree in Holistic Health, practices Naturopathy and is a Certified Master Kinesiologist & Herbalist. She is also a Certified Biofeedback and Essential Oil Specialist, Coach and Emotional Facilitator. Her Center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. 505-294-WELL (9355). www.alternativewellnesscenter.org