Become a Certified Kinesiology Practitioner in just 8 months!

Class will be held 1 weekend per month (Sat/Sun) for a total of 7 weekend classes & the 8th class will be /clinical/practical use & emotional trauma release.

Tentative Course Dates: Sept 30-May 21

Location to be announced:  (Will be NE Heights)

Kinesiology is a biofeedback source of detection wherein imbalances creating symptoms or disease in the body can readily be found. It is a form of muscle testing that not only finds the problem, but also helps to determine what therapies, supplements, or remedies will aid the body the best in recovery. In addition to that, Kinesiology can even evaluate how long a particular therapy or supplementation will be needed and in what increments or doses! It not only serves to help you correct your body’s symptoms but will help you find the core problem creating them. Until the cause is found, true healing cannot take place.  Be sure to join us – whether for clinical practice or to help you and your family to remain healthy!

Learn physical, emotional, mental & spiritual techniques.  Course includes muscle testing, anatomy & physiology, all body systems & herbal/natural therapy application, causal theories, allergy & toxicity, energy balance work, lifestyle factors & nutrition, client management, business plan for those going into clinical practice.



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