Biofeedback/Resonance Machines

State of the art biofeedback machines evaluate your body’s entire state of health, perform therapy on you, give you an informational report, and make a tincture designed specifically for your body’s needs.  They are used for the treatment of acute & chronic illness, disease, and pain control.  These powerful machines have thousands of bio-resonant therapies and are great for infants, the elderly, and pets since no pills are needed.

Receive a 39 Page Report on every system of your body including the spine, digestive, allergens, heavy metals, chemicals, and more.  You will also get a readout on your energy, vitality, oxygenation, and hydration, cellular health, and current cell aging.

Here at the Alternative Wellness Center in Albuquerque, NM, we practice biofeedback therapy. Everything: including emotions, thought forms, physical health, and illness has its own electromagnetic waveform or vibration. The human body operates according to the laws of quantum physics, vibration, and energetics. We did a lot of research to find the best of these treatments available in the hands of a competent Biofeedback Therapist.

We now have the worlds TOP Biofeedback Machine.  Quest software, (long used by Mayo Clinic) is now upgraded to Quest 9!  Including software by Scio, Eductor, Indigo, Rife, and more…. the New Quest 9 is extremely powerful in frequency and used all over the world.  We are proud to bring it to Albuquerque for the first time! It includes disease programs for all major illnesses and symptoms including auto-immune and isolated illness.

This delicate technology treats the issue right in the cells, where it dissolves blockades, which inhibit the body’s natural flow of energy. Biofeedback treatments work by improving the body’s own self-healing process and thus they are free of side-effects. Biofeedback exerts its beneficial effect on the level of physics instead of chemistry. Our brain, heart and cells function with physical energy, that is, electricity. Quest 9 explores the electrical patterns of the tissues and where it differs from the normal. It restores healthy functioning with electrical impulses. These disfunctions can be caused by stress, abnormal lifestyle, overload, or disease.

Our newest additions to the clinic are of the latest, state-of-the-art eclectic biofeedback machines. These machines, while capable of running Quantum Life, Rife, QXCI, AFS, Bicom/Mora, and SCIO programs, are fully loaded with the most optimal new features. They not only evaluate your body’s health but perform the therapy on you, as well!  These are incredibly powerful machines and offer more than 50 widely accepted bio-resonant therapies during each client session. Our clients, who have had biofeedback sessions using these machines, have reported astounding progress and success. These sessions are wonderful. They are especially helpful for those who do not like to or cannot, take supplements by mouth. Through vibration and electromagnetics, (using similar techniques as used in homeopathics or vibrational medicine); they are energetically administered during the session.

How the machines work:
The client is attached to the machine by means of a head harness, ankle, and wrist straps. Main concerns are established by a thorough workup of the client’s current state of health. Then the client is also tested to see how he/she reacts to a very wide range of test items. These include a vast array of allergens, chemicals, heavy metals, and other substances from the machine’s incredible memory banks. The most optimal therapy programs for wellness are then administered electromagnetically. Also, not only do these machines do therapy on you directly, but they also make a tincture designed specifically for your body!
These are just some of the programs featured in these machines:

These machines are incredibly useful in treating acute and chronic health problems of all types! Come in, get a biofeedback treatment, and see the great results!