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Naturopathy, CKP, CBT

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We invite you into our clinic with open hearts and gratitude for allowing us to be facilitators in your quest for optimum holistic health. We are committed to honoring you as an individual while providing high-quality services in complementary care! We strive to find the best modalities for you in your quest for optimal health on all levels.

We can work remotely and offer shipping as well!

Our Genetic Methylation Program

Genetic Methylation for health according to your DNA.  Well, NOW everything is in place to do your DNA mouth swab testing and get you on the road to dramically improving your health & experiencing anti-aging!

Have you been told you have a genetic health problem? 
Ever wonder why some people in a family end up with an inherited gene being expressed in disease and others in the same family do not?  It’s a well known fact that environmental conditions, lifestyle and even nutrition influences how and when your genes are expressed.  However, did you know that there are ways to actually change that?  Ways to prevent an unwanted genetic expression or recover from it?

Reduce your stress, manage your pain, detoxify your body, enhance your peak performance and improve the quality of your life for a healthier, happier life!

Alternative Wellness Center is committed to providing the best in complementary care. We are always busy finding and establishing just the right modalities to help you in your quest for better health and optimal life.   We are a family-owned and operated alternative health center. In our Albuquerque, NM Wellness Center, we have been providing quality wellness services and remedies since 1997.  Our practitioners have years of experience helping their clients to regain their optimal health. Our courteous staff will assist you in purchasing supplements, scheduling appointments, and anything else you may need.  We have many incredible services and products to offer you.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to bring awareness, education, tools, and resources to all of humanity to raise their consciousness and bring new and positive changes to their lives. It is our goal to provide the means of assisting each individual we serve to “rise above” any difficulties, with their health or in their life, and to help them connect to their true authentic self for a full life.

We educate our clients and empower them to be in control of their own health. We provide the very best of services, supplements and care for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  We have made a commitment to our clients to maintain our high mastery of alternative care and to be innovative in seeking out new methods for optimal health.

With the very best interests of our clients at heart, it is our sincere desire to be compassionate and respectful of all who enter our clinic and to honor their individual beliefs. We strive in every way to help our clients learn to improve their overall health and lifestyle.

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