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DNA Expression

Prevention Starts with Your DNA Expression

Ever wondered why some people in a family end up with an inherited gene being expressed in disease and others in the same family do not? It’s a well-known fact that environmental conditions,

Laser Application
Infra-Red Laser Therapy

Infra-Red Laser Therapy Has Amazing Benefits!

I am so grateful for my laser treatments! I didn’t know what a laser was before I came to Alternative Wellness. Now I can sleep since the pain in my leg is

Alternative Wellness Center

Healing Starts Here!

We have helped thousands of people, just like you, to heal for over twenty years with astounding results and optimal health. Please visit our website and read testimonials from our healed and happy


Getting to the Root Cause of Your Candida Quickly

  People often tell me that they have been through many cleanses for Candida, changed their diet and received some relief… only to find that the Candida repeatedly returns.  That’s frustrating! Others conclude


Are You on the Road to Recovery?

Have you been to the doctor repeatedly, yet your problem still exists? Or, are you taking a medication that has harmful side effects? We have had some amazing results with our natural approach

Essential Oils

Scientific Proof Essential Oils Work!

Are you intrigued with the attractive aroma of essential oils, but wonder if they are really effective in improving health? The Efficacy of Essential Oils has been and is Currently Being Scientifically Proven!


Could it Be Your Thyroid?

  Are you experiencing digestive problems and constipation? Having overall dryness including dry skin? Still fatigued even after reducing your busy schedule? It could be your thyroid! The thyroid regulates so many metabolic