Kinesiology / Herbology / Nutritional Programs

Our Kinesiologists test your body and tell you what you need, the best modalities for you, how many treatments you need, as well as how often you need them and for how long.  This takes all of the guesswork out of it!  Our Kinesiologists are all top of the line Herbalists and Nutritional Consultants to help you with diet and all your health needs. Kinesiology is a biofeedback source of detection wherein imbalances creating symptoms or disease in the body can readily be found. It is a form of muscle testing that not only finds the problem, but also helps to determine what therapies, supplements, or remedies will aid the body the best in recovery. In addition to that, Kinesiology can even evaluate how long a particular therapy or supplementation will be needed and in what increments or doses! It not only serves to help you correct your body’s symptoms but will help you find the core problem creating them. Until the cause is found, true healing cannot take place.

FOR COMPLETE HEALING, you must have access to everything your body requires. Kinesiology, the “Master Technique” makes this possible, by evaluating just what would be the fastest and most effective way to make your healing complete! If you give your body the right tools and therapies – it will heal itself! Therefore, if your particular symptoms or ailment would be positively affected by a therapy such as supplementation, acupuncture, chiropractic, ozone treatments, integrations, or just simply require a different diet- you would certainly want to know that. That is where Kinesiology comes in!  Our Kinesiology course teaches a specialized, unique, advanced form of Kinesiology.

You will not only learn to evaluate what organ, body system, or body part is the core of the problem but to determine if you need detoxing, building, nutritional support, better blood flow or oxygenation, etc.  In addition, we teach a technique to find out if emotional care, an energy change (such as exercise), a particular interaction (like a food allergy), nutritional diet or supplementation, bodywork (such as chiropractic) or a person’s spiritual aspect needs to be addressed. True healing can sometimes require addressing several areas and modalities.  In this way, you can be sure you or your client receive complete care.

Kinesiology is a very accurate and well-accepted technique that is now taught in various colleges across the nation.  Applied Kinesiology is most often performed while the client is relaxing on a comfortable exam table, or sitting in a chair.  Various acupuncture and Kinesiology points are touched to access information from the nervous system that transfers to the muscle.

The best part is … It’s quick and painless!