Intention Alignments / Emotional Work / Life Coaching

Every physical dis-ease and illness begins with negative emotion.

These methods are designed for helping you to rise above whatever may be keeping you from optimal health and joyful, balanced life!

I believe wholeheartedly that the body will not fully heal unless it heals in conjunction with the mind, emotion & spirit.  In order to truly heal the body down to the core, the conscious and subconscious must not only be in alignment, but your feelings and attitudes must be in agreement as well.  In this way, the body is fully motivated to do its task of cleansing, renewal, growth, repair and full healing.

Besides that, our lives must be balanced.  If there are changes needing to be made, life coaching can be invaluable.  Becoming empowered and doing the emotional work necessary can make all the difference in your health!  We love educating our clients and have researched & developed our own therapy called:  Intention Alignments.

These are just a few of the benefits of our therapies:

  1. Exposes physical problems that were masked by thoughts & emotions.
  2. Unlocks the body’s emotional/physical ability to change- brings in new perception.
  3. Breaks down unhealthy coping mechanisms (many of which are hidden).
  4. Releases dissociative patterns, unblocking them, to promote positive motivation.

The inner changes of our work allow for being open to:

  1. Recognizing feelings instead of denying and avoiding.
  2. Recognizing and taking responsibility for what happens to you and your health.
  3. Making a connection between who you were made to be in your family of origin, who you are today and who you truly want to be and the life you wish to create.

You have to be happy with your body to be healthy!
The results are incredible!

What people are saying about our Intention Alignments:

I’m so much happier now!….I have much more confidence & self- esteem….I finally feel whole & complete and I’m not afraid to be alone anymore….my fears & anger are no longer a problem…I thought I’d never get rid of my physical symptoms, and now I have!  I now understand & accept myself…I’m enjoying new emotional freedom!