Summary of Our Services

Kinesiology/Herbology/Nutritional Programs

Natural health services using Naturopathic studies and Kinesiology, the ultimate “master technique” in natural healthcare.  We test your body including Genetics & Methylation to establish the root cause of your issues, and determine the most powerful therapeutic plan you need to truly heal yourself, the best restorative methods for you, how many repeat sessions are most beneficial, as well as how often you need them and for how long.  This takes the guesswork out of it! Food & allergy testing (without needles) and an emotional evaluation is included in each new client visit.

Methylation and Genetics

Methylation is the latest buzzword in the health industry, and for good reason. It’s a biochemical process involved in almost all of your body’s functions! What is methylation? Without getting too technical, methylation is the addition of a single carbon and three hydrogen atoms (called a methyl group) to another molecule. The removal of methyl is called demethylation. Think of billions of little on/of switches inside your body that control everything from your stress response and how your body makes energy from food to your brain chemistry and detoxification.


We have state of the art biofeedback machines that evaluate your body’s health on all levels, provide additional information for better awareness and health maintenance, and make a customized vibropathic tincture specifically for your body’s needs. They have thousands of bio-resonant therapies and are great for infants, the elderly and pets since no pills are required.

Intention Alignments / Emotional Work / Life Coaching

Fast, effective, change for depression, addiction, health issues and other goals! Change any part of your life through these compelling alignment techniques that work on every area of your life all at once. Alignments far surpass all temporary emotional techniques of the past! They help process old wounds and trauma, allowing you to create new perceptions and the opportunity for a new, more functional way of living. Align with anything that you intend to achieve, such as happiness, health, self-esteem, or abundance.

Ozone Sessions

Ozone is one of the most highly esteemed therapies in Europe due to the tremendous success it has on even major illnesses! It is the preferred method widely used in Europe for Cancer. An imbalance in bacteria, parasites, candida, fungus, and mold as well as damaged cells cannot exist when ozone is present! This therapy is also helpful for pain, infection and boosting the immune system. Take advantage of this incredible internal approach today and get your energy and stamina back!! Click for more information.

Pain Management

Achieve amazing pain reduction with new breakthroughs in technology! We have various methods for different types of pain including Bio Electric Wellness machines that approach a variety of physical ailments through the use of specific frequency codes. Some clients have had permanent relief for chronic conditions in just one session! The machine is registered with the FDA and is safe and effective. Click for more information.

Ionic Detox Footbaths

Assist your body’s ability to function properly with an ionic bio-cleanse. You’ll be astounded at the benefits you receive – Cleanse heavy metals, radiation, pollution, lymphatics, yeast and more. Great relief for your achy joints! They are quick, easy and affordable while allowing you the opportunity to simply sit, relax and detox. Our clients are amazed at how much this simple modality rejuvenates them! Click for more information.

Laser Application

Bring reviving energy directly into your cells for amazingly fast transformation of all acute and chronic health conditions. Cold laser spectrum helps areas of pain, wounds, growths, injuries of all types, infections and much more. This is also incredible for asthma, COPD and lung or sinus disorders, depression, brain & sleep troubles, intramuscular issues and more.

Aromatic Application

Relax deeply while resetting and balancing your body systems with essential oils applied along your spine & energy meridians. Enhances your well-being by reducing physical & emotional stressors. Essential oils aid the body in balance and are complementary to all acute, long-term and preventative body issues. The wonderful aroma of essential oils during your aromatherapy session go directly into your ole-factory nerves and give your brain a “message” to relax or be energized, to repair or cleanse, whatever the body requires. When applied to your skin, they are absorbed and go through the limbic system to be utilized for your healing. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with this amazing technique today!

Two FREE services we provide for all of our regular clients…

Infra-Red Bio Mat with Amethyst

Just call ahead & see if the mat is available for your use. The Bio-Mat has the capacity to give you an overall relaxation effect – soothing nerves and tense muscles. It increases circulation, helps joint & muscle pain, relieves neuralgia, backaches, arthritis and detoxifies your body. It wonderfully strengthens the cardiovascular system, and helps your skin remove impurities, repair and have a healthy, youthful appearance!

Mini Bio-Marker Survey

This quick bio-marker survey is non-invasive and takes only 5 minutes to see what short-term health and wellness maintenance needs your body currently has, bringing your body back into harmony. Stop by today!

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