Laser Application

Laser Therapy carries homeopathics directly into your cells for amazingly fast healing of all acute and chronic health conditions.  Can even kill infections and heal the root of teeth needing a root canal!  Apply treatment directly into areas of pain, wounds, tumors, infections and more.  Incredible for asthma, COPD and lung/sinus disorders.

Lay down, relax, and enjoy the benefits of laser light therapy treatment at our Albuquerque wellness center:
  • Laser in homeopathic remedies, rather than take them through your digestive system.
  • Re-educate your immune system to recognize what is a foreign invader and what is not.
  • Decongest and open liver pathways for full detox capabilities.
  • Repair and restore your glands, organs, and systems.
  • Achieve weight loss and fat reduction.
  • Clear the body of invaders such as bacteria, fungus, yeast, and parasites.
  • Restore balance in your body so that your body doesn’t host a virus.

In addition to all of the wonderful things laser treatments do, there are also probe attachments that each allow for very specific, unique functions to be performed.  One allows for very deep penetration of the body for bones, muscles, joints, and mobility issues.  Another one is for light surface treatments such as facials, wrinkles, skin problems, spider veins, etc.  The other probe works more on the energy field and inherited issues.

Laser treatments are incredible for:

Soft tissue injuries/Sports injuries
Joint pain and mobility issues
All pain/Inflammation
Organs and body systems
Libido/Sexual issues
Energy Centers/Chakras/Meridians/Plexus
Oxygenation – Ozonation of the body
Regeneration of tissues and cells
Sleep Troubles


There are also frequency settings for more unusual concerns such as:

Come in and experience these benefits today!