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Genetic Methylation for health according to your DNA. 
Well, NOW everything is in place to do your DNA mouth swab testing and get you on the road to dramically improving your health & experiencing anti-aging!

Have you been told you have a genetic health problem?
Ever wonder why some people in a family end up with an inherited gene being expressed in disease and others in the same family do not?  It’s a well-known fact that environmental conditions, lifestyle and even nutrition influences how and when your genes are expressed.  However, did you know that there are ways to actually change that?  Ways to prevent an unwanted genetic expression or recover from it?

We come into this world with a particular set of genes handed down from our parents.
Genetic Methylation can prevent the expression of our genes that create dis-ease.  You do NOT have to come down with the diseases of your parents & related heritage!  Methylation is responsible for sustaining the pathways in your body that keep you alive & healthy, so it is also the top alternative means of preventing & reversing unwanted conditions in the body. Genes currently expressing dis-ease or troubling symptoms CAN be inactivated!

Are you troubled by Depression, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety or Addiction?
It has been found that genes expressing even those inherited emotional, mental disorders can be methylated to correct those issues.  Highly sensitive people find they can relate in the world much better with Genetic Methylation!

What are the steps to a Genetic Methylation Program?

1) Call or email to receive a DNA Mouth Test Swab Kit.
Follow instructions & mail back. 

2)  Receive your dna raw data & forward to AWC.
Fill out a 10 minute or less questionnaire online about your current health issues.

3) Get with your practitioner & go over your reports:
• My Healthy Genes Report
• Diet & Lifestyle Report
• Mood & Personality Report
• Biochemical Analysis Report
• Supplemental Report

4) Begin your supplement program that is perfectly matched to your DNA!  You’re ready to feel your very best!

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