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High Blood Pressure

Dealing with High Blood Pressure?

  Are you one of the many individuals who went in to see your doctor and were told you had high blood pressure? Were you given a medication for it? You might want

Essential Oils

ABC’S Of Choosing a Safe, Effective Essential Oil

Now that you know essential oils have scientific documented proof of their efficacy (see my article in the September/October 2018 issue), remember the ABC’S of selecting the brand of oil you trust for your body:


Why Are We So Toxic?

“Why are people so toxic these days?” “Why is it a struggle to stay dis-ease free?” Those are frequent questions I hear. The answer: We are exposed to, and are

Health Tips

What causes kidney stones?

My husband’s stones are gone. We couldn’t believe it! Thank you so much. Just the onesupplement and essential oil you had him use worked really fast! Teresa M., ABQ If


Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

A woman with Parkinson’s symptoms who had just had a biofeedback session marveled over how she was able to write a check and sign it with remarkedly better control.  Her

Summer Fun
Health Tips

Keep Your Summer Healthy!

Summer brings amazing adventures, great weather, sunshine and fun. Here are some things to ensure your family stays in tip-top shape: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Remember, New Mexico sunshine is incredibly


Get to the Cause of your Candida & Treat it Fully!

People often tell me that they have been through many cleanses for candida, changed their diet and received some relief… only to find that the candida repeatedly returns. That’s frustrating!