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Knowledge is Power!

How many times have you had a cold, allergies, or a stomach ache or your child been ill or fallen down injuring themselves and you weren’t sure what to do? It


Insurance Coverage far Alternative Treatments!

More and more recognition is being given to alternative treatments and the amazing results they produce. So much so, that now there is bio-electric equipment manufactured for medical and alternative treatments


HCG Alternative – the weight loss miracle!

LOSE WEIGHT FAST-without hunger and with lots of energy! No shots and no actual HCG (Human ChorionicGonadotropin) – there are now alternative supplements that mimic HCG exactly! The HCG miracle weight

Health Tips

The many benefits of Vitamin D

In the past, few people used Vitamin D directly for fear of ingesting too much. However, things have sure changed in regard to this fat-soluble vitamin! With modern research, much

Healthy Baby

Preparing for A Healthy Baby

Ethan Hunter James Hall arrived December 17, 2009, all of 9 lbs. 2.2 oz. ‘s!! Congratulations Jason and Randi!! This big guy just happened to be grandbaby #4 for me! 

Parkinson's Disease

An Alternative Approach to Parkinson’s Disease!

With no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, and medications that merely treat some of the symptoms, yet cause other symptoms…an alternative approach is needed, & there is much that can be