Are You On The Road To Recovery?

Have you been to the doctor repeatedly, yet your problem still exists? Or, are you taking a medication that has harmful side effects? We have had some amazing results with our natural approach using kinesiology and want to share them with you!

“My name is Cheryl and in 2017 I watched my husband go through some major illnesses, putting him in the hospital a total of 8 times. His last three stays were due to bouts of sepsis, each bout worse than the time before. After getting out the of the hospital in late October 2017, after the latest bout of sepsis, we were recommended to Janet Hall by a cousin.  By this time, my husband was looking grayish in color and he told me he thought he was on his deathbed. With nothing to lose, we took him to see Janet. His appointment took 3 1/2 hours. Janet’s kinesiology showed that Michael was indeed a very sick man. The testing revealed
that Michael had a systemic infection through his whole body, his immune system was shutting down and his diabetes was out of control. She immediately educated us to begin a regimen of essential oils, natural supplements and some tinctures made especially for him by biofeedback. When we brought him to Alternative Wellness, he was literally showing signs of sepsis for the fourth time as he started this regimen. (Anyone who knows sepsis knows that it is extremely serious and can become increasingly more deadly with each reoccurrence). Literally, within one day of starting his supplements, Michael began to feel
better! He was dedicated to his regimen and never missed one dose of anything he was taking. Every day, he got better and better. The septic symptoms began to subside, and his natural color came back to his face. He has not been admitted to the hospital since his first appointment with Janet and that speaks volumes! She has worked with Michael on every aspect of his health, emotionally, physically and mentally. She has taught him how to take control of his own health and we know that she truly and genuinely cares for her patients, or I can promise you that this story would have had a very difficult ending”. – Cheryl, ABQ

If you are not on the road to recovery, give us a call and let’s get you started! 

Janet L. Hall has a Masters’ degree in Holistic Health, practices Naturopathy and is a Certified Master Kinesiologist & Herbalist.  She is also a Certified Biofeedback & Essential Oil Specialist, Life Coach & Emotional Facilitator. Her center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. 505-294-WELL (9355).