At Last! A Natural Alternative To Anti-Depressants… That Works Even Better!

If you or someone you know is suffering with major depression … Finally, there is an answer! A natural alternative to using antidepressants
that works amazingly well – without bad side effects!

Many have searched for something that could be used to treat major depression without the annoying side effects such as dry mouth, fatigue, weight gain or other side effects that take a toll on their health.  Now it is here! I have been using it with my patients with a 100% success rate!

Some people describe depression as “living in a black hole” or having a feeling of impending doom, or anxiety. Some feel lifeless, empty, and apathetic. Depression is different from normal sadness. It interferes with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep, relate to others and have fun. The feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness are intense and unrelenting, with little, if any, relief Major Clinical depression can get out of hand and lead to ill health, loss of income and even suicide. Major Clinical depression is not something to fool around with.

How do you know if you or someone you love has major depression?

These are just a few of the signs:
• Depressed mood most of the day; feeling sad or empty, tearful
• Significant loss of interest or pleasure in activities that used to
be enjoyable
• Significant weight loss (when not dieting) or weight gain;
decrease or increase in appetite
• Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
• Agitation, anger, frustration; or slowing down of thoughts and
physical movements
• Fatigue or loss of energy
• Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt
• Poor concentration or having difficulty making decisions
• Feeling anxious or overwhelmed
• Thinking about death or suicide

Contributing Physical Factors

One of the main reasons people have major clinical depression is due to a lack of a brain chemical called Serotonin and another balancing chemical called Dopamine. Without the balance of these brain chemicals, major clinical depression sets in. In fact, the lack of serotonin is the biggest factor in all suicide cases.  Brain scans show this lack of proper chemical balance.

A New Natural Supplement Is Available 

Now, Serotonin and Dopamine can be directly taken in homeopathic form and it works beautifully! Using kinesiology you or your loved one can be tested to see what amount of these supplements is needed. These two supplements can be used whether or not you are already on an anti-depressant. And, many have used these homeopathic forms to wean off their antidepressant medication for good!

The Need for Change 

Anti-depressants were developed in order to help someone temporarily, so that they could be able to cope with a rough time in their life or a difficult change in their circumstances, especially if there was a loss of a loved one. Today, it is becoming more of the norm to be on an anti-depressant than not to be on one! Depression is just a symptom of a need for something in your life to change. It is a way for your psyche, your higher consciousness to make you aware that something in your life is not working, is not healthy for you or to make you aware that you have disconnected from what you love or what is healthy for you. If you feel these symptoms apply to you or a loved one, it is imperative to take action! These remedies can be extremely helpful while making whatever changes are necessary in your life.