Change The Way Your DNA Is Expressed With Natural Solutions

Have you been told you have a genetic health problem? Ever wonder why some people in a family end up with an inherited gene being expressed in disease and others in the same family do not? It’s a well-known fact that environmental conditions, lifestyle and even nutrition influences how and when your genes are expressed. However, did you know that there are ways to actually change thatWays to prevent genetic expression or recover from it?

At birth, we come into this world with particular genes handed down from our parents. Outside factors determine whether or not those genes will be expressed in handed-down diseases. However, new scientific discoveries are being made every day that help us to optimize or inactivate our genetic expression! This is powerful information! It is just one of the reasons that Methylation is becoming a popular alternative treatment.

Epigenetics change the way a gene is expressed to prevent that expression from resulting in disease. This includes DNA Methylation without having to directly change your DNA. Methylation is responsible for sustaining the pathways in your body that keep you alive and healthy. This is critical for neurotransmitters, biochemical pathways, and peptides.

How does this benefit you? With proper methylation, your health is dramatically improved quickly! Just think; using dietary nutritional compounds and/or environmental and lifestyle factors can be a disease preventative when you understand methylation! It also means those genes currently expressing disease can
be inactivated! Using Kinesiology, you can get specific information for your body as to what supplements inactivate a genetic predisposition that could result in future disease. That’s exciting!

There are many more supplements being developed that activate or inactivate gene expression and we are seeing much faster recovery for our clients than ever before. Amazingly, it has been observed that these improvements can affect transgenerational gene expression. By using Kinesiology to advise changes in nutrition, environment and lifestyle, we can improve our life and be on a healthier path.