Could It Be Your Thyroid?

Are you experiencing digestive problems and constipation? Having overall dryness including dry skin? Still fatigued even after reducing your busy schedule?

It could be your thyroid! The thyroid regulates so many metabolic functions of your body that you may be having symptoms that also resemble adrenal problems, kidney and liver imbalances and hormonal issues—all stemming from a thyroid imbalance. Another symptom some experience can be an odd taste or the taste of salt in your mouth as the problem progresses.

With bouncing symptoms, many keep chasing the problem.  They end up taking one thing for food allergies, something for constipation, a supplement for the liver and so on. Instead, get to the source of your symptoms and treat the cause! Put an end to the whole scenario. It’s easy to do with kinesiology! Kinesiology gets right to the crux of the matter.

Many times, I see people whose immune system is under or over-functioning (an auto-immune issue) as the thyroid condition becomes worse. Allergies can begin to creep in as the immune worsens.

One client tried everything imaginable on her own then went to doctor after doctor, took test after test and as they found nothing wrong became only more frustrated. Using Kinesiology and Biofeedback, it was found to be an underactive thyroid in conjunction with a strange auto-immune issue. In just two short weeks, the client returned to say she was at least 65 percent better and shortly thereafter was complete in her treatment and moving into a maintenance program.

If you have been struggling to figure out what is going on with your body—step into the world of kinesiology and get the answers you’ve been looking for! I’ve been helping people for over 20 years now and would love to help you too!

Janet Hall has a Master’s in Holistic Health, practices naturopathy and is a Certified Master Kinesiologist. She is also a Certified Biofeedback & Essential Oil Facilitator.  Janet completed a leading-edge course in Genetics and Methylation. Her center is dedicated to helping people
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