Getting To The Root Cause Of Your Candida Quickly

People often tell me that they have been through many cleanses for Candida, changed their diet and received some relief… only to find that the Candida repeatedly returns.  That’s frustrating! Others conclude Candida is just a prevalent problem many people have and put up with the symptoms. But remember, Candida can be at the source of many diseases
including Cancer.

Using Kinesiology or biofeedback, you can get to the root cause quickly. Most often, I find one of two culprits, or both, are pinpointedly at the source of Candida. These are parasites and/or chemicals and heavy metals. This constantly throws off the internal protective flora of the gut. While you can reduce the amount of yeast overgrowth by diet or supplementation, the parasites or chemicals and metals imbalance it all over again, and many times very quickly. Other causes, of course include use of antibiotics that kill off not only bad bacteria, but beneficial bacteria as well. Diet can be a cause all on its own with processed foods and over-doing sugar and carbohydrates.  But again, that generally leads to parasites from an imbalance in hydrochloric acid allowing ingested parasites to thrive.

The needed areas of treatment also include: change of diet, use of anti-fungal/anti-yeast products and essential oils, building up the immune system, killing off parasites, binding chemicals and metals, replacing friendly flora with not only pro-biotics but also pre-biotics, restoring energy and metabolism back to balance and stabilizing body organs and systems that have been affected. Missing any of these important steps could mean the return of Candida and all its symptoms. These include:  digestive problems, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, hormone imbalance, vaginal yeast infections, food allergies, fatigue, sinusitis, eczema, auto-immune conditions, and even alcoholism.

Correcting gut flora also depends on the synthesis of Vitamins B and K and the proper species of probiotics. It is important to use only quality supplements and essential oilsthat are tested on your body — some products may not even affect your condition. If you have not been able to get rid of Candida quickly, give us a call for a complete evaluation to get to the real cause of your condition & treat it fully! 505-294- WELL (9355).

Janet L. Hall is a Naturopath, Certified Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Biofeedback specialist, Nutritional Counselor and Essential Oil Expert. Her center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. 505-294-WELL  (9355).