Survive Heavy Metal Poisoning – Get Tested For Your Best Options!

Heavy Metal Poisoning has become more prevalent! We are subject to so many environmental and toxic chemicals and metals every day. Lead poisoning is common again.

Heavy metal issues can be dealt with using supplementation to gently rid the body of them. You MUST detox-build-detoxbuild for the immune and endocrine systems to remain strong. However, if the levels of metal are very high—IV Chelation can be a huge relief!

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Those burdened with heavy metals (lead poisoning taking precedence) is especially showing up in my post-menopausal female clients.

What are the symptoms of heavy metals? Symptoms include digestive disturbances, aggressiveness, anxiety, ADHD, muscle pain, structural weakness, weight change, & memory impairment. Also, unrelenting fatigue, insomnia, restless leg, adrenal burnout and kidney failure. Heavy metal victims usually become anemic (especially with lead). Lead is extremely carcinogenic—causing convulsions, cancer and death. Lead settles into your organs, bones and especially your jaw.

The cause of these symptoms is often overlooked and not properly diagnosed. 

Inflammation sets in and immunity declines as metals increase. Not handling the toxic load, the body creates storage space outside the cell to store the toxins so as to eliminate irreparable damage to the cell. Examples are cysts, engorged fat cells, and tumors.

Heavy metals damage the DNA of the cell, (it’s replicating factor); which leads to sick, malfunctioning organs. Examples are liver cirrhosis, Crohn’s Disease (worn away lining of the intestines), Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, etc. Sick replicating cells easily turn cancerous.  Therefore, the end stage of any toxic invasion, (but especially heavy metals) could be cancer.

Lead and other heavy metals are everywhere now, including defective glazed kitchenware, drinking water, food, contaminated soil, airborne particulates, pesticides and weed killers, leaded gasoline, paint and even unregulated internet supplements! Know what you are dealing with and get tested for treatment options today!

Janet L. Hall practices Naturopathy, is a Certified Master Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Biofeedback & Essential oil Specialist. She is a Nutritional Evaluator, Coach & Emotional Facilitator. Her Center is dedicated to helping people “rise above!” anything in their lives. 505-294-WELL